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The Grid Celebrates 10 Years

Monday, 11/30/2020, The Grid for Humanity celebrated 10 years since its launch in 2010. Originally it was for alcoholics and addicts, but over the last 10 years it has evolved to include all of humanity. The Grid brings simple solutions for complicated problems. The 3 main areas of focus are Conflict resolution, Collaboration and Compulsive behaviors.

By broadening the scope of our work, we have been able to help businesses, families, individuals and still be able to help with prevention, intervention and recovery for those struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

Taking time to pause at different milestones gives folks who The Grid has helped an opportunity to share what The Grid has meant to them. Here are a few testimonies from some grateful Grid users.

"The Grid has been and continues to be a simple effective way to understand My personal Insanity. The Insanity of doing what doesn't work. The tools it has given me are invaluable. My book is always close. Thank you KD for assisting me in taking back my life with God's will." Drew N.

"The grid saved my life! Congratulations Kathy! Carried the grid (still do today) around with me when I first got sober it helped having something to read that was relatable! Thank you! So blessed to have met you!!" Stella H.

"Congratulations on 10 years! Wow! I love the grid and the work you do Kathy! In 1 sitting we walked through the grid and you helped me see my part clearly which then helped me to forgive and take responsibility! Which then gave me power and the ability to do something about a frustrating situation. I’ve continued to use what you taught me in numerous situations since! Thank you!!" Heidi R.

"I am sober. Almost 4 years now. I never knew this life was possible for me until I went through the Grid. As soon as I realized the problem was within me- what a relief!!! I’ve spent decades trying to control everything around me to no avail. The Grid taught me to surrender and turn my character defects upside down into assets. Thank you Kathy! I now know the solution is within my mindset. Blessings and gratitude!" Cathi W.

We at The Grid for Humanity our grateful for the last 10 years and are very much looking forward to how we can continue to help our community and the world anyway possible.

Kathy Deane



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