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Prevention Happens in Wichita

We have some great things planned next week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of National Prevention Week (hyperlinks are enclosed):

1. Monday, 5/10 – Our youth mobilizers will host a college prep informational at 5pm on our Facebook page. All youth are encouraged to watch.

2. Tuesday, 5/11 - Webinar: What's in a Word? Transforming Culture and Reducing Stigma Through Language Change on Zoom at 1pm.

3. Wednesday, 5/12 - FREE group workout at 5:30p The Phoenix Gym, a sober active community. Pre-register here.

4. Thursday, 5/13 - Virtual Community fundraiser at any Panda Express 28% of proceeds go to Safe Streets

5. Friday, 5/14 - Social media challenge in 3 easy steps: Take a photo. Announce where prevention happens for you. Use #PreventionHappensHere (ex. Prevention happens when we invest in the mental health of our youth. #PreventionHappensHere)

6. Saturday, 5/15 - Gather some friends and family for a walk in your neighborhood. Don't forget to wear your Safe Streets shirts and tag us in your photos on social media! Order your Safe Streets shirt here.

Follow Safe Streets on Facebook @SafeStreetsWichita and on Twitter @SafeStreets316.

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