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Why are partnerships so important?



We believe: by working together small congregations and organizations can have a massive impact in helping improve our local community.

Why are partnerships so important?

Our culture has changed drastically over the last 20 years, and it is more important than ever for people to come together as one body to love our neighbors as ourselves and serve the least of these in our community.

As a community, we must step up and lead through humble service; we cannot expect our local mission organizations, social service agencies, schools, and other government programs to do this on their own.

Partners for Wichita was formed to help connect and coordinate the efforts of local programs and organizations.

We are convinced that by forming partnerships we will be able to do much more than we ever could  accomplish separately.


Our goal is to identify and assess the needs of our local community and mobilize neighbors,
congregations, organizations, and businesses to resolve the unmet needs of our Wichita neighborhoods.

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