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Prevention, Intervention and Recovery


We work with Individuals, groups, business and churches to bring insightful tools to help people and build community.


Whether we are teaching living skills at a middle school or working with veterans at the VA, we are committed to either prevention, intervention or recovery.


We have many tools that help us reach people who might be struggling with life or some form of addiction. 



Life is stressful. We are trained to be strong, self-reliant and handle all situations. Everyone faces complicated problems. Our mind sometimes works against us and we think we need a complicated solution for our complicated problems.

Our problems are exacerbated by not truly understanding what the underlying challenge is within each of us.

We think our troubles are because of others. When others don’t change, we either become angry and frustrated, or we become a victim of the circumstances.


The Grid is a simple tool based on the 12 Steps that can help with almost all sectors of the population. The problems are complicated, however when we focus on a common solution the path can become simple.  When the steps are aligned you can gain results in your first session. As you continue, the approach can become a way of life that allows you to live in a solution that works.

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