Safe Streets 

The VISION is a drug free community. 

The MISSION is the prevention of prescription, drug and alcohol abuse, through community collaboration to enhance the health, wealth, and safety of the Wichita community. 

The GOAL is to focus on strategies that will benefit individuals, families, organizations, schools and businesses by reducing substance abuse in the community.














What do we do?

  • Work to increase protective factors & decrease risk factors in the community

  • Support youth-led projects through ICTeens In Mind & empower youth to make healthy decisions

  • Participate in safe prescription drug disposal efforts

  • Conduct presentations & provide educational materials to promote substance abuse prevention

  • Conduct awareness campaigns 

  • Implement & advocate for evidence-based substance abuse prevention curriculum in schools and community organizations

  • Evaluate local policy around substance abuse

  • Work to delay the age of first-time use of substances

  • Work to reduce ease of access to substances


Contact us at:

Call: 316-263-1389







For more info on

1) Risks of Drug Misuse

2) Local Data

3) Prevention Resources

4) Treatment & Recovery Options

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