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ICTeens in Mind is a student-led mental health coalition with a purpose to empower young people, promote civic engagement, collaborate with community members, and help initiate student-led mental wellness projects. ICTeens in Mind strives to address the interconnections between mental health, substance abuse, and other issues in our community. In 2018, ICTeens in Mind officially joined Partners for Wichita. We are proud to be a part of Partners for Wichita!


Youth led:

Youth leadership and presence is imperative at every phase of the toolkit’s development and
implementation. We use local data from our youth to employ the best strategies.


We provide youth with facts about brain development and Washington State law.


People do not have to be anti-marijuana to support youth prevention.


Connection is the BEST prevention.


Building capacity for coping and resilience protects youth.


Our vision is to have healthy, thriving youth free of substance abuse.


To change the conversation about substance use. Instead of talking at youth, we ‘re talking with them through their own language.

Interested in becoming a member or a partner of ICTeens in Mind?

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YOUTH mobilizers

Ngoc Vuong

Founder ICTeens In Mind

Community Mobilizer 

Partners for Wichita

Cheyenne Barnett 

Youth Mobilizer 

 Fresh Food Market Project


Aditya Joshi 

Youth Mobilizer

 City Voices Project

Yuki To

Youth Mobilizer


Truc Dao

Youth Mobilizer

Students Empowered