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ICTeens in Mind is a student-led mental health coalition with a purpose to empower young people, promote civic engagement, collaborate with community members, and help initiate student-led mental wellness projects. ICTeens in Mind strives to address the interconnections between mental health, substance abuse, and other issues in our community. In 2018, ICTeens in Mind officially joined Partners for Wichita. We are proud to be a part of Partners for Wichita!


Youth led:

Committed to strengthening youth leadership and addressing mental health challenges to influence positive change in our community. We use local data from our youth to employ the best strategies.


Enhancing prevention practice through systemic collection and analysis of information about by examining both the process and outcomes of prevention programs and practices. 


Incorporating frameworks that include harm reduction and do not have to have an abstinence-only model to support youth prevention.


Connection is the BEST prevention.


Integrating a trauma-informed approach to prevention, treatment, education, training, awareness and engagement to reduce harmful effects of trauma and violence on individuals, families and communities.  


Focusing on addressing disparities and promoting prevention for youth and equity for all with lived experiences.


Improving health and safety in our community by utilizing CADCA's 7 Strategies for Effective Community Change to address local youth substance use problems and create sustainable community-level change. 

Interested in becoming a member or a partner of ICTeens in Mind?

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YOUTH mobilizers


Ngoc Vuong



Cheyenne Barnett 

Youth Mobilizer 

 Fresh Food Market Project

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Amy Nguyen

Youth Mobilizer

Positive Outlooks

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Tiffany Tran

Youth Mobilizer

Students Empowered


Truc Dao

Youth Mobilizer

Students Empowered


Yuki To

Youth Mobilizer


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Alex Butler 

Youth Mobilizer

 Capture a Chance

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